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Are you…
an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to have an online business?
an existing business owner of a physical store who wants to sell online?
a newbie marketer who wants to learn how to promote your products and services better online?

There are many challenges in setting up shop and marketing yourself online. Although many resources are available, it can be confusing and frustrating if you don’t know where and how to get started. The digital landscape has changed and continuously changes as new technology come in and culture evolve.

As your partner in all things online, I help you envision, build, and manage your online presence that achieve your business goals.

In my distinct value, I deliver insightful innovation.

I can work with you in planning, implementing, monitoring, and managing the setup and ongoing activities for your brand.

You can find a list of my services here.

Hi, I'm Jana!

Online Entrepreneur
Digital Consultant
Website Designer
Content Writer
Graphic Designer


Establish an online presence to expand your business and serve more clients. Utilize the right online tools that will bring your products and services closer to your target market.

Expand your influence through digital marketing techniques.

Content Marketing

Showcase your expertise and unique value proposition to prospects and clients with the right messaging and graphics.

Implement content strategies that align with your business goals, towards achieving your desired results.

Webinar Marketing

Connect with your audience in a real yet professional way.

Share your knowledge and expertise live.

Plan ahead and post strategically to get the results you want.

Web Design
Jana De Vera

Five Factors That Affect Designing Your Own Website

It would seem that having a website is a must in this day and age. People highly rely on the internet for information they need. They connect with others, listen to their ideas and opinions, and even make buying decisions on even the smallest things such as what color of wallet should one buy to

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host your own webinar
Jana De Vera

How To Host Your Own Webinar

One of the projects I work on is to host and manage webinars for my clients. We schedule a series of topics to be broadcasted online with a live audience and access to replay over a six month period for a specific group of people. The entire production took a lot of preparation because there

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Jana De Vera

Three Things To Consider Before Setting Up An E-Learning Site

Two years ago, I shared with a cooperative of doctors the opportunity of using the internet to educate startup doctors in their practice. Today, MED Academy is an e-learning platform recognized by hospitals and medical organizations as a source of continuing education of medical professionals. An online teaching business changes the way people learn. It

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Online Shopping
Jana De Vera

Shopping With HonestBee

I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed when a sponsored ad of HonestBee caught my eye.  I remembered that I tried to sign up and order from this platform during the first weeks of its launch here in the Philippines, but I received a response that they are not yet delivering in my residential area. A

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Advisor Marketing
Jana De Vera

Advisor Marketing: How Should You Distribute Your Content? (Part 3)

Now that you have an idea why you need to create relevant content and what kind of content should you create, it’s time for you to share your work to others. There are three ways you can distribute your content: 1) Own Website 2) Social Media Sharing 3) Digital Advertising   Own Website Having one

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Advisor Marketing
Jana De Vera

Advisor Marketing: What Content Should You Create? (Part 2)

I like this illustration created by Digital Marketing Consultant, Mauricio Escobar, where he puts together all kinds of content you can make according to goals. You start from the inside out. Choose a goal, then define the kind of content that you want to create.   Goal: Inspire – fill the urge to do something

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