Hi there. I'm Jana De Vera, a Certified E-Commerce Professional that helps you establish and build your brand online through e-commerce consulting and content marketing.
I have always been a hands-on entrepreneur since 2002. The artist in me loves to blend in ideas together to deliver a hybrid of sorts, handcrafted carefully and purposefully to satisfy the specific goals of my clients.
I started with a training and events company straight out of college, where my team and I planned and organized team buildings and in-house career development programs for various companies such as call centers and pharmaceuticals in Metro Manila. 
My academic background in Psychology from De La Salle University came in handy during this time as I worked with industry trainers in designing programs for corporate clients. 
I did that for a few years before I incorporated print advertising in our services to restaurants, offices, and individual clients. 
I art-directed and designed corporate identity and marketing materials for companies such as Manila Ocean Park, Teleperformance, Papa Johns Pizza, and Rudy Project among others. We were providing both short run and large format prints almost 24/7, with a full production team under our wing.
As an entrepreneur, it is part of my daily tasks to let the world (or at least specific groups of people I consider my market) know that I have solutions to their problems.
When I was starting out, I would follow suit on what works in terms of marketing for those other entrepreneurs in my field of work who are successful in promoting their products and services.
As I gained more experience in doing business, I realized the importance of being more creative in reaching out to my target audience. I must be able to innovate and activate all possible channels to connect with them.
My transition from providing traditional marketing services to digital came at the right time when our clients began to look for online solutions to further their reach and influence.
My conversations with them have evolved. It shifted from just talking about what promotional activities they can do or what color should they use for their brochure to how can they use the internet to sell more and how can they get started.
Can you really sell anything online? 
Are the processes the same as doing business offline?
Is it different talking with them online compared to just meeting them face-to-face?
E-commerce Strategy
Content Management
Inbound Marketing
Social Media Planning and Promotion
Webinar Management
Graphic Design
Quoting Robin Sharma, he said,
"Investing in yourself will not just improve your life, but also the lives of all those around you."
So I did...and because I want to give more value to my clients and make the world a better place (no kidding! I really do!).
And I continue to learn, so I can journey with others who want to embark on using technology as part of their arsenal of tools to start, improve and expand their businesses.
Are you one of them?
Then I'd like to connect with you. Should you need any help, I'm just a click of a button away. Hope to hear from you!