Advisor Marketing: Creating The Right Content For Your Online Presence (Part 1)

We are all consumers of content everyday – reading friends’ news feeds, tweets, instagram photos, blog posts, and so on. There is so much information out there, and it can be overwhelming. Why else do you need to join them and write more?

There is need for relevant content, most especially in the financial advisory industry. That is what you would want to achieve, instead of just putting out random thoughts and opinions in the cloud.

We will explore how to create content that people will follow, love, and most especially, share, to build your influence in your profession.

In this 3-part mini course, you will learn: 

• Why you need to write relevant content

• What types of content to create

• How you can distribute the content

Let’s get started!

Do you remember the time you receive your first earnings from a job or business? Mine came from successfully managing a company event for a corporate client when I was in my early 20s. I started an events management business back then, and together with my team, we were conducting a handful of events every month. 

The first advice I received about managing my money did not exactly take me anywhere.

She said that now I’m earning from my business, I should put it back into the company to build it. Priority is to pay my expenses first, and get compensation for myself from whatever is left.

Since it was from a trusted relative, I immediately obeyed.

We all know that in a startup business, it would take a while before profit is realized. So I worked hard on every project we had, paid my expenses, and when there’s nothing left, I’d say to myself, “Oh well, maybe next time there’s something for me.”

And I waited. I waited so long that after a while, I didn’t feel good about not getting paid in my own business and found myself without any savings at all.

I shared this story because today, there are so many people like that “young me” who would just blindly obey whatever advice they would hear or read from all sources around them. 

There are so many blogs, websites, and even resource speakers in live events who talk about finance and money management that people immediately believe and apply in their lives without proper matching and application to their specific needs and concerns. 

Sadly, this has been passed on over the years and people remain in an unending search for prosperity and abundance.

I cannot overemphasize the importance, if not the necessity, of the role that you have as a financial advisor. Many people are not naturally attracted to professionals in this field. 

If they are actively looking for one, more often than not, it’s because they are in desperate need to get insurance coverage because something unexpected has happened already that posed a threat to their family’s future.

Some may have put their money at extreme risk in an investment they didn’t understand very well, and they fear of losing all of it.

True enough, people are motivated by gain or loss. However, financial advisors do not exist only to be their back up plan in times like these. 

They need to understand and accept that financial advisors are more than just selling insurance or investment products. 

They need to know that financial advisors exist because they help bring about a positive transformation in their lives. This is the first reason why you need to write relevant content. This is how you can make a difference and shine out from the other advisors in the industry.

Another reason to write relevant content is to rise above the noise. There are so many different opinions and advice you can find on the internet, but which among these address specific issues that your target audience have? 

Sometimes what they need is another angle or perspective from which they can look at their circumstance and create a whole new approach of solving it. 

If you are able to share your unique perspective and solutions to concerns that your target audience have, then you may just be able to attract them to engage with you.

Third, write relevant content to influence and reinforce the right mindset and behavior. With your knowledge and expertise in personal finance and wealth management, you can facilitate change in your target audience’s lifestyle by making wiser and well-informed decisions.

Sometimes it takes somebody like you who have the background and experience to convince others to pursue the change that they need to implement in their life.

Every successful online authority started with a single piece of content published on the internet, in a single platform, with a specific message.  That is what you must remember, as you begin your journey in writing your content to build your online presence. 

I encourage you to write relevant content to create a positive transformation in your target audience’s lives, to rise above the noise, to influence and reinforce the right mindset and behavior when it comes to wealth management.

Now let’s talk about the kinds of content you can create. 

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