Advisor Marketing: What Content Should You Create? (Part 2)

I like this illustration created by Digital Marketing Consultant, Mauricio Escobar, where he puts together all kinds of content you can make according to goals. You start from the inside out. Choose a goal, then define the kind of content that you want to create.


Goal: Inspire – fill the urge to do something remarkable

With you being a front liner and always going face to face with clients, you can tell stories about their positive transformations to inspire and encourage others that they can do the same. Document it by taking photos with them and ask for their permission to post it online as a testimonial. You can make them anonymous and just share their story so that other people can still learn. Conduct interviews and share insights.

Goal: Convince – Persuade to purchase

When you are new, it would be better to put this goal at the latter part of your content plan. When you have been promoting yourself for a while and your target audience is used to reading or hearing sales pitches from you, then use it more to gain advantage. Present case studies, get endorsements from people known in the industry, review products and so on.

Goal: Inform – Provide topical information

Do you have advanced knowledge on a particular topic? For example, talk about the concept of retirement. If you have helped many people set up their fund for their later years, share your process and experience with your target audience. Those who would consume your content would most likely be those in need of specific information to get started in preparing for their own retirement as well. Choose 1 or 2 specializations you wish to focus on as your “flagship” content to attract more traffic and audience.

Goal: Support – Help fix a problem

People are generally looking for solutions when they go online. If you have stories to share of how a particular problem was solved by what you do and offer, share it. This could be about a mother you helped set up a health fund for her child who has special needs. It could be helping a newly wed couple set up their family fund. Put a “face” into the story so they can easily associate with it.

Goal: Educate – Provide relevant information

How do you know if information you are presenting is relevant? If you are able to discuss it within the context of your target audience’s perspective, and sharing your own, to provide unique insights about the topic. Provide studies or external sources of information to boost credibility of your content.

Goal: Entertain – Delight with something funny

If you are keen on building long-term relationships with your target audience, delighting them with light information shows that you are human too and not all-strategy. Connect and engage with them by sharing content that may or may not be related to your main theme. Show them that you are also fun and care about other things in this world. Get to know them and what content they like when they ask about this and share your content to others too.

This content wheel is most useful if you are able to plan creating your content using a calendar. Select a specific goal first then create content that is good for a week before deciding to post it online. Make this a habit and you will always have content to share.

Another great tool I’m sharing with you is the BUYER PERSONA. This is a representation of your ideal target audience whom you wish to help, sell to, and create a long-term relationship with. Look at the sample buyer persona of Tommy Technology below.

source: optinmonster

How well do you know the person you wish to sell to? Have you thought about him or her in this way? Being able to define a buyer persona helps you come up with more ways to connect with your target audience because you know them in detail.

If you were to draft out a buyer persona of majority of your existing clients, what do you notice? Do they share similar hobbies & interests? Do they belong within a specific demographic?

A buyer persona is not the individual client that you currently have. It represents the target audience you wish to connect and engage with. Draft out one for yourself to see if you are focused in communicating with a specific audience or just connecting with any person you come across with. Create a buyer persona to streamline your content writing efforts.

Next, we will talk about how you will distribute your content.


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