Advisor Marketing: How Should You Distribute Your Content? (Part 3)

Now that you have an idea why you need to create relevant content and what kind of content should you create, it’s time for you to share your work to others.

There are three ways you can distribute your content:

1) Own Website

2) Social Media Sharing

3) Digital Advertising


Own Website

Having one is like owning a piece of real estate property that you can build your house on. You can do anything with it. There are a couple of tools you need to make this happen – from getting your domain name, hosting to building the website itself.

This requires some technical knowledge, time and effort, unless you choose to outsource it from a digital agency who builds websites for a fee. Their fees usually starts from Php 50,000 up.

However, if you can set aside time to learn and do it yourself, you can build you own too. If you want to learn about the tools I use, watch out for my next blog post on Building Your Own Website.

What makes your own website useful in distributing your content is that you have full control over what you want to upload and share. You can plan out your website content according to your design, but you are also responsible for marketing it so that people will come visit and learn from you.

What is essential for an advisor’s website is to showcase your knowledge, expertise, and experience so that your target audience will follow, like, and trust you online.

Be educational, inspirational, and helpful in providing solutions to specific topics.  Build your website considering that your target audience will also visit it via their mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices.


Social Media Sharing

To many, this is more popular than working on and marketing their website. All social media channels enable you to take advantage of their free platforms to create your online presence. It’s very easy to create a page and fill in your details. Social media can be very useful in building your brand if you have the right content to share.

Should you subscribe to all social media platforms to distribute your content?

Yes and No.

If you can make time for setting up and using all platforms, then by all means, utilize them. The more you distribute, the more people will find your content.

If you have a team working with you, you can assign platforms to individuals who can handle them regularly.

Consistency in distribution is key.

However, the most practical thing to do is to focus on 1 or 2 platforms that you can master. It will more efficient for you, most especially if you are the only one working on it.

Remember to create your calendar for posting as well so you would always have content being shared. Study what posts your target audience responds to so you can leverage on those types of content by creating more.


Digital Advertising

If you have a budget to spare, you can take advantage of ads. You have many options to choose from, because they sell ad spaces based on a variety of factors. You can check out the ad options in your chosen platform to see the cost and the coverage.

You can also contact online influencers, or those who have websites that are performing well in terms of the volume of traffic generated by their site, those who are well-connected with other people online.

They can help you spread your content by being their guest writer or presenter. Connect with them to know what marketing opportunities you can work on together.

For all these distribution methods, you need a new set of content that are solely for marketing and promoting the content assets you have created.

You may want to work with a graphic artist, a videographer, and a copywriter if you plan to create a continuous marketing campaign to define the right messaging for the brand you want to establish.

If you want to do it on your own, I’ll be sharing the tools I work with in my next blog post Useful Marketing Tools.

However you plan to distribute your content, what matters is you continuously do so to gain traction. You are the one who can promote yourself best because you have a clear vision of how you can help others improve their lives through financial education.

Guide those with whom you decide to work with so you can cast your vision to them and they can help you implement it properly.

I hope you were able to gain some valuable insight on how you can start creating your content for online marketing.

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