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I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed when a sponsored ad of HonestBee caught my eye. 

I remembered that I tried to sign up and order from this platform during the first weeks of its launch here in the Philippines, but I received a response that they are not yet delivering in my residential area.

A few weeks ago, I was grocery shopping at Robinsons Supermarket, and the bright yellow shirt of HonestBee representatives caught my eye as I approached a cashier lane. They were loading their items on the cashier before me. As I was waiting for my turn, I thought, “Oh, so this is how they do it. Too bad I couldn’t order for my area yet.” 

I remembered them for a while, but then I completely forgot about it again until today, thanks to Facebook ads.

Anyway, I decided to try again to see if they already accommodate orders delivering to Rizal. To my surprise and delight, the location search recognised my area and I was able to proceed with the shopping process.

It’s interesting that now, HonestBee also offers Food delivery from partner restaurants aside from just grocery items. (Note: still waiting for this to be available in our area as of now)

Here’s a walk-through of my shopping experience.

1) Signing up

All you need is an email address and a delivery location. You will be asked to type your location and if they deliver in that area, you will see a dropdown menu that auto-suggests the address matching your query.

You may also see a location pin which you can drag to your specific location.

Afterwards, just enter your email and you’re good to go. It’s that easy.

2) Ordering

Browse the store links available and Add to Cart the items you would like to buy. Note that when you click on the item, you will be shown more information about it. There’s an option shown where you can allow honestbee’s shopper to choose a substitute or not for the product you are buying if in case the specific item is not available. Their terms and conditions states that their shopper will call you to share options when they find it out of stock in the store. 

There is also a feature where a pop up appears on the upper right hand corner showing how much you have accumulated in your cart so far, and if you qualify for free delivery. I noticed that I was able to get free delivery when my items reached already beyond 500 pesos. I’m not sure if that’s just a privilege for signups/first time customers or it’s an ongoing promo they have. Anyway, I’m happy with my free delivery.

3) Payment

When you’re done shopping, just click checkout and you will have a chance to review your cart.

Make sure that the items you want are all there, checking the price and quantity too.


Here in this page is where you will find Delivery Schedule options too. I noticed that all options are set in the afternoon, because the Shoppers would most probably do their store purchase in the morning. There are a couple of options for days to deliver too. I like how their delivery is like setting an appointment to receive the items. This allows me to manage my time better so I can do other things while waiting for my delivery.




Next are the payment modes. You have an option to pay via credit card (locally issued VISA or MasterCard) or Cash on Delivery. 


4) Summary Page

In a few seconds, your payment and transaction will be summed up in another page, giving you a Web Order number that you can track online. You will also receive an email message in addition to the summary page that you will see. These gives you peace of mind that you’re dealing with a legitimate seller in a reliable online platform, increasing your confidence to shop more online.



5) Delivery

It’s the next day and since I’ve placed in my calendar the time I am expecting my items, I knew I would need to prepare my cash ahead of time and just wait for the package.

I requested for the time slot of 1-2pm, which was a convenient time for me having just finished some house chores after lunch. At about 11:30 am, I heard a notification sound from my phone, and showing this pop up on my screen. 


Just in time to remind me that in a few minutes, I will be receiving my package. Another helpful feature.

I was surprised and impressed that the delivery guy also texted me that he is already outside our gate, which was actually 30 minutes earlier than my nominated time slot.

I like how HonestBee brands themselves with their bright yellow shirt uniform for their shoppers and delivery guys, together with the eco bag containing the items you purchased. It makes them easy to identify and be remembered.

6) Last Confirmation


As I was bringing my happy honestbee yellow eco bag inside, I heard again a notification sound on my phone, this time from my email app. Honestbee sent an email confirming my delivery and gave my final receipt too.They sent an email requesting for feedback on their service, which I gladly obliged answering.

All in all, shopping in HonestBee is a pleasant first time experience for me. The best thing though is finding out that they are available in our area, which I would appreciate from most online platforms like these to accommodate since it gets really challenging to leave the house due to bad traffic conditions.

I would also like to see more merchants participate in this endeavour to bring their products closer to their customers through a seamless, secure e-commerce platform, whether their own or joining one like HonestBee. This could really help many people manage their time and resources better, as well as support local business owners who may gain more customers within the community.

How about you?

Need some groceries conveniently delivered to your doorstep?

Try HonestBee here


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